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Samuel DannyRuiz Jr. was born in Colorado Springs on June 27, 1986. That was one of the happiest days of my life. Jr. was so tiny he only weighed 6 lb, 12oz and 21in long.  I still remember the way he used to look at me with so much love.

1986 six months later
Six months later Junior's cousin Trey was born.    
Junior loved Trey!!! Trey was with Junior the night God called him home. 

Junior Trey and Sal
1988 Junior's brother Salvador was born.
Junior Loved Sal.  Junior and his brother Sal were like twins.  They always had to be around each other.  A  piece of Sal went to heaven the day God call  Junior home.  And a piece of Junior stayed with Sal in his heart forever.

Brothers forever
Junior at the age of four. This year his cousin Justine was born.  Justine was the first girl, we spoiled her rotten.  Junior use to make Justine laugh all the time. It really doesn't take much to make Justine laugh she's a happy spirt.

Junior was so happy this year because he had another brother  (Sebastain).   Sebastain loved Junior so much and Junior loved him.  Junior was five years older then Sebastain but they always got along so well.  Towards the end of  Junior's life they spent so much time together.  I also believe that Junior took a piece of Sebastain with him to heaven that day and Junior lives in Sebastain heart forever. 


Junior making his First Holy Communion with his best friend John Paul Ryan. Junior and John have been best friend since pr-k.
Thanks John for always being there for Junior how lucky you are to have a best friend in heaven.

It says a lot about a person when they still have the same best friend since pr-k.  Not too many people can say that.  Junior and John have a good heart, a wonderful soul and a wonderful family that cares about them.  John Paul Ryan, thank you for being there for Sal and Boo Boo.  I know Junior smiles down on you.  Even on to death your a wonderful friend.

Junior was in the fifth grade.  He was always making us laugh.
Junior at this age was curious about everything.  Junior's cousin Matt was born this year.  Matt lived with us until he was two.

Matt told everyone that Junior told him."Matt when you hit in the double digits you can hang out with me."  Sadly Matt hit the double digits on July the 8th.  Junior went to heaven June the 27th. 

Matt also told us that Junior said "Matt on your birthday I'll buy you a guitar."  With out knowing what Junior promised Matt.  We brought Matt a guitar.  When Matt told us this story it was as if Matt believed Junior kept his promise.


This year Junior turned six and had another cousin born.  Joe Joe.   Joe Joe is Justine's little brother. 


Junior in 8th grade.  Junior had a lot of fun that
year!  Full of life and still making us laugh. 
We were so lucky to have you in our l
ives everyday.
What joy you brought us.

Junior also started dating Mandy.  Mandy and Junior dated for two years.  Mandy was Junior's first love.  Mandy will always have a special place in our hearts.  Thanks Mandy

2002 Concert Slugo 7

Dusten, John, Slugo 7, Sal and Junior.....  Happy Times!!!!!!!!!!
Sam didn’t have a date on this paper, but I think it was either his freshman or sophomore year.

Sam Ruiz
Period 3 
Religion Report

Catholic schools have made me the person I am it has taught me values of life and how it could be lived. The church has taught me that being real and not fake is important if you plan to be happy. It has also taught me how school isn’t to be taken lightly, if only I would have figured that out earlier I wouldn’t be in the trouble with grades I am in right now.  

The most important thing the church has taught me is trust, love, and faith. 
I think without these life is not enjoyable. Trust is essence of friendships along with love, without these friendship and relationships are imposable to keep. And without faith nothing is complete. So to me Christianity is very important to me. It has given me many friends and has been a part of me. It has led me to my faith and understanding of Jesus. It has also gave me understanding of myself and the life I live. Even though I might not live in the right way or do things that I am proud of, I still look to the day I will straighten up and live life the way it is suppose to be lived. The way my family and friends would rather have me live, the way I would rather live.

I almost forgot about prayer, that is another essential part of the church for me. The way I see it is that prayer is the number one way to get the right advise on what choices you may be confused about. When I say “Question” I don’t mean questions about math or geometry. I mean Question on life and if what your doing is the right thing. You see most of the time prayer could keep you from making stupid decision that could affect your future. Church, prayer, and the commandments are what keeps my faith together through the hard times. And through these hard times God sends me a friend to help me through it and that’s what makes me realize prayer really does work.. If you were to put my life’s deeds up to the commandments it would be the opposite of what it is suppose to be, but I am trying to keep it real by modifying most of my actions around them. So these three are what keep my faith together.

Church as a body of the Christ under God is probably the one I relate to the most. I mostly choose this one because I see everyone as one body or family with God as our father. One reason this one is close to me is because it was the first I had ever really understood to the fullest potential of its meaning. You see some things in religion are hard for me to relate to so I try my hardest, but this one was the one that I just looked at and understood. Because this is how I see religion and this is how I grew up thinking. I find it funny how your best friends can feel like brothers and sisters to you and in actuality they are in the eyes of God. The church is the closest thing some people have to a family and this model of the church shows people how this is true. But another reason this is true to me is because my Nana raised us to “treat others like my family because in Gods eyes they are.”

One thing I think really made a difference in the church is the Vatican Council it changed many things like how church is held and how the priest holds mass. It is also the only thing I can think about to write. I am running out of things to say so I’m out Peace.


Friends Forever!
Junior was in the 10th grade in 2002.  In 2003 Junior was in the 11th grade.  Terra and Junior grew very close in these two years.  Junior loved Terra very much and Terra loved him.  When ever Junior needed a friend Terra was always there for him.  Junior made Terra a cd I hope you keep that cd close to your heart becuase I know Junior made it stright from his heart.  I remember picking Junior up from school and if I couldn't find him all I had to do was look for Terra.  Terra comes from a very wonderful family. They always welcomed Junior with open arms, especially Terra's mom.  I could see how Terra's mom Trish loved Junior and Junior loved and respect her. 
Thanks  for being there for Junior.                                                         

2003 Junior's God Child Summer Angel Was Born
Junior was so happy when My sister Carol ask him if he would be Summers God Father.  Junior was a wonderful God Father.  I remember the Christmas of 2004.  Junior brought Summer a jeep for Christmas he was so proud of that jeep.  Summer how lucky you are to have a Nino in Heaven wachting over you.  Junior use to call Summer Babe-ers.  I can still hear him say, "Hey Babe-ers."
I promise You Junior that I will never let your God Child forget you. she'll remember how much she was loved by her Nino Jun Jun.

Nana Girl, Me and My God Child. 
2003 Letter to Father Clements From Sam Ruiz(Why I want to be Confirmed)

Dear Father Clements

I believe that I am ready to be confirmed into the catholic faith because I have been both raised and schooled in Catholicism my whole life. Ever since I was four I have attend St. Mary’s elementary school and I followed that up by going to Seton Catholic High School to further evaluate my knowledge of religion. I have received my first Holy Communion in front of St. Mary’s church altar and I am now ready to be blessed and welcomed into the Catholic Church through the sacrament of confirmation.

I have studied and looked into other religions both on my free time and through world religion class. And I have found no better religion that I more understand than Catholicism. To be confirmed in front of my family will mean all to me and will also show that I want to continue living as a catholic.

I believe that I am making the right choice in being confirmed and would be, more than happy, to go through the whole process again. I hope I can live up to the requirements of being a wholesome Catholic, but I know that, with the help of prayer and support of my family, I will do just fine.

                                                Sam Ruiz

 The day Sam made his Confirmation,  Sam with Nino Bob and Aunt Patti

May 3, 2003 Sam wrote: Why he choose Saint Lawrence

Sam Ruiz

Saint Lawrence was one of seven deacons who were in charge of giving help to the poor And the needy.  When a persecution broke out, Pope St. Sixtus was condemned to death.  As he was led to execution, Lawrence followed him weeping, “Father, where are you going without your deacon?” he said. “I am not leaving you, my son,” answered the Pope. “in three days you will follow me.” Full of joy, Lawrence gave to the poor the rest of the money he had on hand and even sold expensive vessels to have more to give away.

The Prefect of Rome, a Greedy pagan, thought the Church had a great fortune hidden away. So he ordered Lawrence to bring the Church’s treasure to him. The Saint said he would, in three days. Then he went through the city and gathered together all the poor and sick people supported by the Church. When he showed them to the Prefect, he said: “This is the Church’s treasure!”

In great anger, the Prefect condemned Lawrence to a slow, cruel death. The Saint was tied on top of an iron grill over a slow fire that roasted his flesh little by little, but Lawrence was burning with so much love of God that he almost did not feel the flames. In fact, God gave him so much strength and joy that he even joked. “Turn me over,” he said to the judge. “I’m done on this side!” And just before he died, he said, “It’s cooked enough now.” Then he prayed that the city of Rome might be converted to Jesus and that the Catholic Faith might spread all over the world. After that, he went to receive the martyr’s reward. Saint Lawrence’s feast day is August 10th.

I picked this saint because I have traveled to El Paso, Texas every year of my life to Enjoy the celebration that is thrown on August tenth to remember St. Lawrence’s life.  The celebration is a three to four day event. On the last day we would get up at three in the mourning and start a three mile walk that ends up at the church where we proceed in and began mass. Later that day there is a smaller walk around the block where the church is located.

I have grown up around this saint and that is one of the major reasons I picked him. I believe that you should honor the saint you pick, and what better way to do that the go to Texas to celebrate this saints accomplishment every year. The next visit will now have more meaning as I get my self up and walk towards the church ready for mass


                                    By Saint Augustine

The Roman Church commends to us today the anniversary of the triumph of Saint Lawrence. For on this day he trod the furious pagan world underfoot and flung aside its allurements, and so gained victory over Satan's attack on his faith.

As you have often heard, Lawrence was a deacon of the Church at Rome. There he ministered the sacred blood of Christ; there for the sake of Christ's name he poured out his own blood. Saint John the apostle was evidently teaching us about the mystery of the Lord's supper when he wrote: "Just as Christ laid down his life for us, so we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren." My brethren, Lawrence understood this and, understanding, he acted on it. In his life he loved Christ; in his death he followed in his footsteps.

Brethren, we too must imitate Christ if we truly love him. We shall not be able to render better return on that love than by modeling our lives on his. "Christ suffered for us, leaving us an example, that we should follow in his steps." The holy martyrs followed Christ even to shedding their life's blood, even to reproducing the very likeness of his passion. They followed him, but not they alone. It is not true that the bridge was broken after the martyrs crossed; nor is it true that after they had drunk from it, the fountain of eternal life dried up.

On no account may any class of people despair, thinking that God has not called them. Christ suffered for all. What the Scriptures say of him is true: "He desires all men to be saved and to come to knowledge of the truth."

I tell you again and again, my brethren, that on no account may any class of people despair, thinking that God has not called them. Christ suffered for all. What the Scriptures say of him is true: "He desires all men to be saved and to come to knowledge of the truth."

from a sermon by Saint Augustine


2003 Junior said "Mom I met a beautiful Angel, her name is Elle."


    You I know have gotten my first letter and hopefully now understand exactly what happened.  What you might not understand.. is the love you  have given my heart.  You like I have said many times before, were our gift from god.   You showed us so many new meanings to life and to music and to society in general that we may have never seen on our own.  You where ahead of us all, ahead of our time, an old spirit and soul but had the biggest heart towards anyone, even a stranger.  I never understood how god could put someone so incredible in my life.. but I know it was to show me what real happiness was, what true love and understanding and life was.  I remember going to Mexico and meeting your family and the ride back.. I was so happy.  I felt ... complete.  I remember meeting you the first time at Ritas house and going to the movies and I don't think I ever stopped laughing.  I love you more and more every day which is weird because your not here.. but ill hear a song or a saying and remember your face that I miss so much.  You truly, and I know your mom will agree,  are the man that every little girl dreams and wishes to meet one day and that every mother dreams and wishes to raise.  You will always have my heart.  We both know the troubles you faced before God sent for you, but I want you to know.. NO ONE EVER looked down on it, or you, or was disappointed which I know you feared.  You brought nothing but the realness of life, happiness, and joy to everyone.  Sal will be fine.  I know as an angel you will look after him, but so will we.  He knew how much you adored him, I promise and he knew you loved him.  You were the best brother anyone could have, no one will ever replace you.  And you were the best boyfriend.  Almost to perfect:)  Im sorry I screwed that up.  No one will ever fill your shoes.  I will do my best to look after your mom and make sure she never forgets what an amazing job she did raising you and how much you held her close to your heart.  I love you so much, with all of my heart forever for always.. I will see you in my dreams and talk to you in my prayers.

Forever yours,


2000 - 2004 friends forever

I will never forget the time when I first met Sam. He seemed so quiet and shy, someone who I wouldn't have much in common with. I soon realized that I was wrong. This quiet and shy kid soon became one of my best friends. I remember every night we would stay up until 3 in the morning just talking, but those conversations were the best ones I've ever had. He would make me laugh until I cried but we would also have very heartfelt conversations in which he would make me feel very touched. I  could tell him anything and he would understand. He was one of the first guys who made me feel loved and cared for. Back when he wrote poems he would read each one to me to see what I thought. This meant a lot to me because I know how much those poems meant to him and that he didn't let many people read them. One night I was extremely upset and couldn't stop crying so of course I called and talked to Sam. He calmed me down like he always did but he also went out of his way to do something no one has ever done for me. He wrote a poem just for me. I still have it hanging up in my room and with it is a picture of him. I read the poem at least once a day. It means so much to me. He brought me through a lot of hard times that I don't think I would have got threw with out him. He also gave me some of the best times of my life. He has the best sense of humor that anyone could have. He had and still does have a huge impact on my life. I never could have once even thought that this person who means the world to me would soon someday leave me. When Trey first called me with the news I was in shock. I couldn't breathe and I kept thinking that it was just a bad dream. For days I couldn't sleep or eat. I just shut myself in my room and cried until I didn't have any tears left, many times crying myself to sleep. How could this smart, handsome, and charming man be gone? I can't go one day with out thinking of him. I still cry until I can't cry anymore thinking about him and I know I will continue to do this for the rest of my life. I sometimes can still hear his laugh and see his smile. He had this laugh and smile that would brighten my day each time I heard and or saw it. I know he is in a great place now and watching over us all but I still can't help but wonder why? Why so young and so soon? He had so much going for him. A family who loves him with all their hearts and friends that would do anything for him. All I have now is the memory of who he was and all the memories that we shared together. I never got to say goodbye or that I loved him one last time. For once I'm not scared of dying. For I know when I die I will finally get reunited with my best friend and all my pain will fade away. I truly love you Sam and I hold all our many memories in my heart and can't wait until the day I will once again be reunited with you for there are no more tears in heaven.

                          Sarah Johnson

                  The poem Sam wrote for Sarah

We met for the first time outside of the mall

talked awhile but bonded the first time you called

You were my boys girl and I knew that wouldn't change

I used to think being friends with you would be a little strange

then we talked for the very first time

I knew I would be your friend and that you would be mine

still we talked and conversation got deeper

as a girl I knew you were a keeper

talk to you more often I saw how special you are

it's like GOD had sent you to be my friend from the stars

now I sit and think why we talk so much

knowing you deserve much more then to just be touched

you deserve the world to be handed to you

know that as a friend I TRULY LOVE YOU! 

I Love You, 


JUNIOR'S beautiful collection of guitars.


Junior's truck

The reason I have Junior's truck on this site is
so that you may think twice about lifting your
truck if you have one.  The day God called
 Junior home Junior and his uncle were talking
about lowering his truck.  Junior did not want
his truck Hi anymore. 

GMC gave me the results to the report. 
They were only going 45 mile hr.
Just something to
think about!

July the 1st is the day we laid Junior to rest. The candle that comfort me.

The day we laid Junior to rest was a very hard
day I was saying goodbye to my first born child. 
I must have been in shock because I do not
 know how I survived.  Every mother when
losing a child wants that reinsurance that thier child is o.k
that thier child is with God.

My sister Carol lit a candle in the church the night before
 the funeral.  After the funeral My family and I went out to
 the crash site to put up the cross that my brother Joey
made.  My nephew Matt carried the cross up to the
 tabernacle during mass so the Father Matthew could
bless the cross.  before we left my sister gave me the
 candle she lit the night before.  I took the candle with
 me so I could light it at the crash site.  On the way
 over there I was holding the candle tight and praying
with my whole heart and soul I said "God please take
care of Junior I love him so much please, please let me
know my son is with you I Love you God, Junior loves
 you ".  I than look down into the candle and I saw the
Virgin Mary holding my son.  I also saw a truck
going up like it was going up to heaven.  This is
 what my eyes see. I believe God was comforting
 me. God is wonderful.

I showed this to a Priest he said
preserve it. The picture is inside the


The grill

This to me is amazing the grill in the candle I feel
Every year since I was young we would travel to
Texas.  For the Fiesta each August Located
 in the small farming community of Clint, Texas. 
Junior would walk the three mile pilgrim
every year.  When Junior made his Confirmation
 he took the name Lawrence. 
San lawrence was burnt on a grill.

After my son went to heaven 2005
After my son Junior went to heaven wonderful things have happen to my family and close friends.  I can say with true faith we have witness miracles from God himself.  When I found out that God had call Junior home, I screamed and cried like I have never screamed and cried before.  But I also prayed with my whole heart and soul.  I got down on my knees and I thanked God for the 19 years he gave me with my son.  I thank him for not letting Junior suffer (Junior died on impact).  I thank him for letting Junior look so presentable.  I thank him for not letting Sal be there that night.  I have read lots of stories were people are mad at God when their love one dieds.  How can you be mad at God when he is the one holding your love one and you at the sametime.  I will put all of the pictures and our stories about our miracles soon.  If you would read the next one down there  is a story and a wonderful picture.
God is wonderful

School had just started and I was having a hard time with Sal and Sebastion.  They didn't want to go to school they were so depress. Sal and I went to talk to Sister Mary Norbert.  It was a wonderful and successful visted.(Sal is in College and is doing great! and Sebastian is home schoolThank you Sister Mary.   Sister also  told me to pray to Junior.

As always, I trusted Sisters advice.  On Monday I went out to the cemetery I got down on my knees I started praying to Junior I cried out in a loud voice "JUNIOR I NEED HELP WITH YOUR BROTHERS.  IF you are here WITH ME SHOW ME A SIGN.  At that very moment a white dove flew to me.  I thought no one will ever believe me. So I got my cell phone and took a picture of the dove.  A white dove out in the desert is not common.  The dove means Holy Spirit.  When I showed my family we were all in awe.  The dove looks like Jesus kneeling with his arms out.  Later on we were in shock.  In the back ground you can see my son.  Remember I said "Junior if your here with me show me a sign. The picture is the next one down

Please read after my son went to heaven first


Have Faith
Today is Friday, September 29, 2006.  It was about this time last year.  I regret that I did not write the date down somwhere, but I was so overwhelmed with everything!

I was praying the 15 St. Bridget Prayers (as I do everyday).  I was in my Mothers bedroom.  When suddenly a strong rushing wind filled the room.  I could hear My son Sal playing his guitar outside so clearly.  I thought the window must be open so I continued to pray.  When I was finished praying the 15 St Bridget prayers I went to close the window, but the window was closed.  I wish everyone who has not experience this may oneday.  (when I pray with my whole heart and soul.  I feel so much love, a love that I cant explain.  I just cry with so much joy).

After the 15 St. Bridget Prayers I went to get my mom so that we could say the Rosary together (when I lived with my mom we would say the Rosary everyday).  While saying the Rosary.  I was looking at the pictures that I placed in front of me.
(I have pictures of my children that I put up everytime I say the Rosary).  As I was kneeling and praying I notice that the picture
of Junior the one taken on Easter.  In that picture I saw Jesus and a palm branch.  I asked my mom after the Rosary what it meant when Priest wear red.  My mother said,"the blood of Jesus".  I showed her the picture.  We could not believe we didn't see it sooner.  

That Easter we brought Summer Angel(Junior's God Child) a swing that you attach  to a tree.  Thats the box next to Junior.

Jesus, Palm brach    Palm brach
 Baby in a swing    

I believe God is everywhere.  We just have to open our eyes
and have faith.
Passed away on June 27, 2005 at the age of 19.
My Christmas Miracle 2005
In the middle of December  my mom got me out of bed and told me we were going to put up the Christmas tree.  (Sal and Sebastian where
spending the weekend with their cousin).  My mom wanted to surprise them when they returned home.  I was upset but I got up to help my Mom.  My Dad came in and was just looking at Junior's picture and he said.  "Susie look at  those two pictures.  Junior's smile never change and look how Juniors head is tilted in both of those pictures".  Then my dad got up and went outside.

My mom and I began to take out the ornaments to 
put on the tree.  As I was pulling out the ornaments 
a tag fell out.  I picked it up and it said. " To: Sam Jr.
From: Santa."It was a Christmas tag from last year.   I started crying and my Mom said whats wrong I told her what I found and she got up and took it from my hand and started crying and ran to her room.  We cried for awhile and then I realized
that this was my Christmas Miracle.  Junior was saying thank you for doing this for my brothers.  That was the only tag we found.  I told my Mom thank you for making me get out of bed.  If it wasn't for my mom I would of never had that great moment.  When my Dad came inside we told him what happen.  Then I notice that the snowman had a smile and his head was tilted just like Junior.   My dad was just talking about Junior's smile.   And before this happened I was always telling my family I think Junior gives me birds because after Junior went to heaven.  a lot of crows and other birds where all over my parents house.(We moved in with my parents when Junior was called home) and when I would go somewhere birds fly in front of me.  I have had birds fly in front of me before  but not like they do now some days I fell like when someone throws flowers in front of you when your walking but instead I'm in the car and its birds. 
Then the white dove that flew to me.  On the tag their is one bird.  I believe God is  comforting me.   I know my son is with God.

We framed it.  We will put it up
every Christmas.


We miss You sooooooooooo much.  Love Mom

June the 27th, 2006

Thanks to the West Family. Anyone who wants someone working on their love ones memorial with love and compassion, West Stone Memorial is the place to go.

Missy West, you’re the BEST!

Thanks to Bob Walter (Sam’s Nino) and Patti Walter (Sam’s Aunt), for taking the pictures of the Memorial. Bob and Pat, the love you guys have for each other is a beautiful gift from God. Sam was truly bless for having a Nino like you Bob. Thanks!!

Contact West  Memorials @Toll Free 1-800-508-6022
Free shipping to any cemetery in the Continental United States
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November the 1st, 2006
ELOY - Jose Casarez Martinez, 83, of Eloy died Nov. 1, 2006 at RTA Hospice House in Casa Grande.

Visitation will be from 6 to 8 p.m. today at J. Warren Funeral Services, Valley Chapel, with rosary recited at 7. Funeral Mass will be celebrated at 9 a.m. Saturday at St. Helen of the Cross Catholic Church by the Rev. Juan Carlos Aguirre. Burial will be in Eloy Memorial Park.

Mr. Martinez was born Oct. 8, 1923 in Texas.

Survivors include five daughters, Sylvia (Martinez) Jackson, Adele Fink, Diane Castillo and Janie Martinez, all of Eloy, and Lucy Glandon of Rocky Point, Sonora, Mexico; four sons, Terry, Freddie and David Martinez, all of Eloy, and Carlos Martinez of La Jolla, Calif.; four sisters, Ygnacia Mayoral, Elida Martinez and Pauline Nance, all of Eloy, and Maria Munoz of Casa Grande; a brother, Lucio Martinez of Phoenix; 28 grandchildren; and 27 great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his wife, Maria L.; a brother, Amado Martinez; and a great-grandson, Sammy Danny Ruiz Jr.

My Tata loved to play the harmonica.  My Tata and his daughters loved to sing (YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE).  My Tata was a devoted Catholic.  My Tata Loved his family!!! His family will always love and treasure his golden heart!!!
God is wonderful!!!
July the 31,2006 I wrote Marina :

Marina, thanks for thinking of us. I was going to call you last Monday. I had a dream about you and I told my sister Carol about the dream. I wanted to tell you in person but I feel it may just be easier for me to write you instead so I won't start crying when I tell you about the dream.

In my dream you were working at an animal shelter. I came to visit you and you were showing me different kinds of animals. Then you took me to this big fish aquarium and I was asking you why they kept fish in an animal shelter. You were looking at the fish and saying I don't know but look how pretty they all are. Then you touched your stomach and said "life is good". Then I heard someone laughing and I turned and saw Sam he was dressed all in white. Sam said, that we were looking at the fish as if, we had just discovered something new and we all started to laugh. Then we all started crying. Sam told you that your baby was blessed and very special. Then he told us that he was happy and that he wanted us to be happy. Sam looked at me and touched my face and told me that Sal and Boo Boo should come and see the fish. Then Sam started to giggle like if he was a little kid and said. "Hey, Marina I have something for you and he gave you this Eeyore and as soon as he put it in your hand, it disappeared. I started to cry and you asked me, why was I crying and I said. "because its gone". and You said. "its not gone its in my heart forever". I turned to look over at Sam and he was gone.

Marina, when I woke up, I cried for what seemed like hours. It was so real. It was a weird dream, but at the same time a good dream.

love, Susan Ruiz

I'm embarrass I did not know what the sign of a fish represented.  I knew it had something to do with christianity...

I talked to my Mom and sister about the dream.  On my son's headstone the picture I picked has a fish on it.  I was lost for words.... But last night November 16, 2006 I was looking at the picture of the white dove that flew to me and I saw a fish
God you continue to amaze me......

The Fish

The symbol of the fish has been used from very early Christian times (second century) – it can be found in the Catacombs of Saint Callistus
(16th Pope).

The Greek word for fish is ICHTHYS.

The first Christians spontaneously represented Christ by the emblem of the fish, whose letters, as an acronym, stood for,

Iesous Christos Theou Yios Soter: Jesus Christ, Son of God Saviour.

Because of the miracle of the Loaves and the Fishes, it is also associated with the Holy Eucharist.

The whole of the gospel is contained in these words: Jesus ...Yeshua, Saviour. Christ ... the Anointed One. Son of God.
The One who saves.

It is a complete prayer in itself and as such has been used by countless millions down through the ages. In particular it recalls to mind all "Pilgrims " who carry nothing for the journey, and for whom this is their constant prayer; in fact, faithfulness to this prayer alone can bring a soul to great holiness.

January 7, 2007 R.I.P Gabriel Ingallina

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