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I wish I could have known you  / Kristy Keeler (I wish I could have known you )
I never had the chance to meet Sam, I have only known Sam for a short time. But as I read this tribute I am for one sobbing, sobbing at the outpouring of love for someone who meant and touched people so profundly. It reminds me that this is what life is for. This is the GIFT God has given us, we are touch people so unforgetably and so sweetly as to be worthy of this kind of memory. Love is Gods greatest gift, it is who he is, and when we have and revive from another person, we are most acting like God. Sam, sounds to me like one of those rare people who choose to give that gift in abundance, and so his loss shocks us, and hurts us that we no longer get to experience it in the way we are a custom. But his loving gift,  his person oh that remains strong. in the hearts and minds of all these he has touched, a great example to all of us, even to casual reader of this tribute, makes me want to be a better person to the people I touch. He is with us, you all will see him and experience him again, and for much longer and more permanant time, thought this dosnt cover the pain of loss, it does help us, when we know he isnt gone, he hasnt left us alone, he left memories and reminders to be cherished til the next meeting, the homecoming. He will great us, after our journey here is done, and we are weary, with that same smile. I in the meantime will remember what I have read here, and the feelings i have seen pour out, and I will remember how I am supposed to be. more like this guy Sam, that i never knew, yet I experienced none the less. My condolences to all who feel his loss, but rejoice for the time he was here, and the times to come

To my Grandson Jun Bug  / Sally Martinez (Nana)
It should be me waiting for you at Heaven's Gate, instead you wait for me. How can that be?
And yet, I truly believe that the bond we have, between grandmother and grandson, will live on, forever, in the power of the Holy Spirit, through Jesus Christ, our Savior, in the Holy Name of our Heavenly Father.  My love, my Junior, my heart and soul cry out to you and my tears flow, remembering how blessed I am to know you.  How blessed I am to have you wait for me at Heaven's Gate.  "Que Hermoso!"  Nana
Thinking of you  / Whitney (Friend (high school) )  Read >>
Thinking of you  / Whitney (Friend (high school) )
Always in my thoughts. I came across our notes today while cleaning out a box. Thanks for always being a great friend!! xoxo Close
Happy, Happy Birthday  / Nina (Friend)  Read >>
Happy, Happy Birthday  / Nina (Friend)

You are always in my thoughts & prayers

Thank you

I truely do, have much love for you

Please never forget me, for I will NEVER forget you

God Bless  / Marina Ontiveros (friend)  Read >>
God Bless  / Marina Ontiveros (friend)

I only got to spend a very little time with Sammy. But the impat that he had made, and continues to make on my life is sooooo beautiful! Every day, I spend thanking the Lord and Sammy. And I make sure, every day that Sammy knows I LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART! THANK YOU SAMMY   XOXO

FROM ONE GRIEVING MOM TO ANOTHER  / Debi/mom To Cassandra Baker (GP)  Read >>
FROM ONE GRIEVING MOM TO ANOTHER  / Debi/mom To Cassandra Baker (GP)




i miss u jr!  / Angelica Ruiz (cousin)  Read >>
i miss u jr!  / Angelica Ruiz (cousin)
i miss u jr i wish u were still here with all of us its not the same when we go to eloy and see every1 except u i miss when u would show us all sorts of card tricks and make ur tio gabby trip out lol its hard to see every1 except u but i know ur still here with me watching over all of us just wish u didnt have to go so soon luv u 4ever and always ur cousin gel gel Close
What a beautiful tribute to your son!  / Laurie Brock (fellow grieving parent )  Read >>
What a beautiful tribute to your son!  / Laurie Brock (fellow grieving parent )
Your oldest child, Sammy was born the same year my youngest son Bobby was born. I lost my eldest son back in 1991.  I know I have told you before that I feel a connection to you because we both have three sons and we both lost our "big brother" sons.  I feel it has made my boys stronger more sensitive human beings .  Thank you sharing your son with all of us.  I admire you for creating this web site. I still have not ! Love to you and your boys (((All of them))) Love, Laurie Adam's mom Close
Happy 4th of July in Heaven  / Monica Davis~mom To RJ Davis ~brutally Murdered At 18 In 2004   Read >>
Happy 4th of July in Heaven  / Monica Davis~mom To RJ Davis ~brutally Murdered At 18 In 2004

Happy 4th of July in Heaven Sammy!!!

friends forever  / Bubba Ortiz (one of Sam's best friends )  Read >>
friends forever  / Bubba Ortiz (one of Sam's best friends )

Hi guys I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to the mass. Thank you for the e-mail. I think about Sam a lot and I know he’s watching over each and everyone of us. I’ve had plenty of dreams while I’ve been on this deployment, where sam has come to talk to me. I remember one dream I had right before the ship was entering the Persian gulf, and sam was laughing at me. Haha. I’m not really sure why, but I think he was laughing at what I got myself into by joining the military! Haha. well I will hopefully be home soon and can go visit his grave. My prayers are with you guys you’ve always been there for me. Sam will always be one of my best friends and if his family ever needs anything I will always be here. love you guys – Bubba Ortiz

HAPPY EASTER SAMMY  / Tami-Mom Of Angel Ryan Hook   Read >>
HAPPY EASTER SAMMY  / Tami-Mom Of Angel Ryan Hook
HAPPY EASTER SAMMY!  / Mom Of Angel Rebecca Vidmosko   Read >>
HAPPY EASTER SAMMY!  / Mom Of Angel Rebecca Vidmosko
Hosted by Close
Happy EAster Sammy  / Debbie Wengert (Kevin's Mom )  Read >>
Happy EAster Sammy  / Debbie Wengert (Kevin's Mom )

Thinking of Sammy  / Jane Jones (Matt's Mom- GP )  Read >>
Thinking of Sammy  / Jane Jones (Matt's Mom- GP )
May you find peace in your heart to know Sammy is close by you everyday.
Happy Valentine's Day Sammy  / Tami -. GP (Angel Ryan Hook)   Read >>
Happy Valentine's Day Sammy  / Tami -. GP (Angel Ryan Hook)

With My Heartfelt Sympathy  / Donna-Corey's Mom (G-P) (Another Grieving Parent and new friend to Sam's mom )  Read >>
With My Heartfelt Sympathy  / Donna-Corey's Mom (G-P) (Another Grieving Parent and new friend to Sam's mom )
     I know that I have already visited your beautiful memorial site for your handsome son Samuel and lit a candle, but I wanted to visit again and thank you for visiting the memorial website for my son Corey and his wife Michelle and for your kind words that you wrote in their guest book. I wish that we both did not have to lose our precious children and that we didn't have a reason to have to create memorial sites for them.
  I looked at all the pictures again of Samuel and whenever I see your name on G-P, I will always think of his beautiful, smiling face. I can see what a wonderful person and young man he was becoming and he was quite popular!! I could feel your love and pride through your words. I hope and pray that just as we have met here on earth through the loss of our sons, that Corey, Michelle and Samuel have met and become great friends in heaven!
Donna-Corey's Mom
In Loving Memory of Corey and Michelle James
8/17/2003 Close
Missing you  / Sarah Johnson (Friend)  Read >>
Missing you  / Sarah Johnson (Friend)

I will never forget the time when I first met Sam. He seemed so quiet and shy, someone who I wouldn't have much in common with. I soon realized that I was wrong. This quiet and shy kid soon became one of my best friends. I remember every night we would stay up until 3 in the morning just talking, but those conversations were the best ones I've ever had. He would make me laugh until I cried but we would also have very heartfelt conversations in which he would make me feel very touched. I  could tell him anything and he would understand. He was one of the first guys who made me feel loved and cared for. Back when he wrote poems he would read each one to me to see what I thought. This meant a lot to me because I know how much those poems meant to him and that he didn't let many people read them. One night I was extremely upset and couldn't stop crying so of course I called and talked to Sam. He calmed me down like he always did but he also went out of his way to do something no one has ever done for me. He wrote a poem just for me. I still have it hanging up in my room and with it is a picture of him. I read the poem at least once a day. It means so much to me. He brought me through a lot of hard times that I don't think I would have got threw with out him. He also gave me some of the best times of my life. He has the best sense of humor that anyone could have. He had and still does have a huge impact on my life. I never could have once even thought that this person who means the world to me would soon someday leave me. When Trey first called me with the news I was in shock. I couldn't breathe and I kept thinking that it was just a bad dream. For days I couldn't sleep or eat. I just shut myself in my room and cried until I didn't have any tears left, many times crying myself to sleep. How could this smart, handsome, and charming man be gone? I can't go one day with out thinking of him. I still cry until I can't cry anymore thinking about him and I know I will continue to do this for the rest of my life. I sometimes can still hear his laugh and see his smile. He had this laugh and smile that would brighten my day each time I heard and or saw it. I know he is in a great place now and watching over us all but I still can't help but wonder why? Why so young and so soon? He had so much going for him. A family who loves him with all their hearts and friends that would do anything for him. All I have now is the memory of who he was and all the memories that we shared together. I never got to say goodbye or that I loved him one last time. For once I'm not scared of dying. For I know when I die I will finally get reunited with my best friend and all my pain will fade away. I truly love you Sam and I hold all our many memories in my heart and can't wait until the day I will once again be reunited with you for there are no more tears in heaven.

Imiss you  / Elle Adam   Read >>
Imiss you  / Elle Adam
I miss your face.  You were so far ahead of your time, you amazed me each and every day. I miss everything about you,, especially when you had your braces and would get so excited about things that you would have to stop and like.. slurp.. haha that was so cute.  You will always have my heart no matter what happened to us.  You know where my love and heart is.  I cant believe your gone but I know your not in pain anymore.  Im so sorry
I love you and will hug you one day with tears of joy,

My Condolences  / Marby Rodriguez (GP Member )  Read >>
My Condolences  / Marby Rodriguez (GP Member )

This is an awsome site that you have created to your son.  The pictures tell the story of your wonderful son Samuel and the beautiful life he had while he was here on earth.  May God bless you and your family always.

Michael Sylvester Rodriguez (mom)
August 26, 1996 - June 13, 2003 Close$~~0cbaa543f88 / Arlene Gundersen (GP member )  Read >>$~~0cbaa543f88 / Arlene Gundersen (GP member )
Susan - this is such an awesome memorial tribute to your sweet son.
"Junior" is such a handsome young man.  The pictures of him since
infancy are wonderful and tell the story of the loving family he is part of.
Thank you so much for sharing Junior with us.  I am so, so sorry for
the great loss you suffer.  May these memories remain vivid in your heart and bring you some peace.  Blessings to you and your precious boy.
Dannys Forever Mom Close
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